Roulette Sex Chat

Roulette Sexy Chat

It started when I was hanging out in my friend’s dorm room. It was late and her other friend popped open her laptop and suggested we go on roulette sexy chat just for fun. I had never been on the site, but always thought it was a place where most people only had the intentions of flashing their goods. (Chatroulette is a place where you can interact with random strangers around the globe via Webcam.)

We got started and crossed paths with some pretty, um, interesting people: A super drunk dude with a British accent, and so, so, sooo many weird men dancing (what’s up with that?!). Several sudden clicks later, we came to a guy with a guitar named Ben. High off of the craziness we had just endured from previous roulette sexy chatters, we demanded he play us a song but his microphone wasn’t working. But when he did strum us a tune, he sounded exactly like Darth Vader. Hilarious! Three hours later, we were still talking and laughing with him. At the end of our chat, we all decided to become Facebook friends. Afterwards, I went to bed and didn’t really think too much about him. I just thought it was funny that we were talking to someone for so long.

After messaging for hours and hours, he made the first move to take our talking offline. At the end of the conversation, he gave me his number and said, “If you want, you can text me to finish our conversation.” Our texting convos turned into phone calls, and then into daily Skype sessions. Although I knew he was so far away (all the way across the country, to be exact), and that I was getting to know him through the Internet, I felt a real connection between us that was more than a friendship. It was about a month since we first met online and Ben said that he had to meet me in-person. He then booked his first flight ever to New York. (I couldn’t believe he was flying over 3,000 miles to meet me!)

He came to visit me in the middle of March. I was shaking while waiting to pick him up from the airport. I was at baggage claim when I turned to my right to see the guy I knew through a computer screen come and run over to me for a hug. We embraced and my legs and heart felt like they were about to explode. There were no awkward moments between us.

Since it was his birthday, I took him out to an Indian restaurant (which you could say was our first real date). We laughed, shared a dessert, and bonded over our love for Indian food. I then dropped him off at his hotel and couldn’t get him out of my head. Ben spent the week in New York and I showed him around to all of my favorite spots. But two days into his trip, he gave me one of my first real “big girl” kisses on the city sidewalk. It really was perfect, but I was sad he only had five days to spend with me.

We did everything that I dreamed of doing as a city couple: Took walks in the park, held hands for the first time on the High Line, got Billy’s Bakery cupcakes (arguably the best in the city) to eat under the sun, and spent hours talking in restaurants.

Roulette sexy chat models have a very wide audience. She really gave up when she married me almost a year ago. And it is very difficult to recognize her without makeup and colorful bright wigs. Two different people. In real life, a brown-haired girl with large glasses, lowered eyes and a quiet gentle voice. And her depraved vivid image, a sex doll, entangled in garlands and fucking herself with a blue neon dildo glowing in the dark. Or a law enforcement officer in blue latex who sticks a baton inside her. Or an elf who floods the camera with a stream of squirt. Or a chanterelle with a red anal tail. Or… shit, how many images she has. In general, it is quite difficult to recognize her in reality.

But Vitaly could. No wonder he sits up all night jerking off to such videos. From a good job, he was flogged when he decided to see this in broad daylight. And I didn’t completely plug the headphones into the jack. And at that moment the director entered their office with a delegation of some foreign partners. In general, now Vitaly is a taxi driver and food delivery man. The way to decent places is forbidden to him. His whole life is now working, porn and Friday get-togethers with me, and questions about my wife. And what should I tell him then? Our life is the same as that of other young families. Well, except that sex can be a little more interesting. Now all of her costumes and toys serve only one viewer, to me. And that feeling is pretty good for self-esteem, you know. So yes, my sex life is in order, Vitaly. Not that yours. I ought to ask in response, how is your girlfriend, right hand. But I won’t. It’s hard for the guy. I just need to be stronger than this.

Fucking pervert. Does he think I came to the bar to watch a couple of porn videos with him? He completely dripped with a cap, along the way. But Vitaly had already pulled out his phone with a network of cracks on the screen and began to poke it under my nose. I wanted to push it away, but… shit. On the screen, a girl was sitting with her legs spread out on an armchair. Small breasts, perfect heels, which she shamelessly put on public display, a small mole near her navel. In the same place as Varya’s. But on the face of the stranger was a leather mask, from where two pigtails were knocked out. How I loved it when she braided them for herself. I hit the table with my mug that the beer froth splattered onto the screen оn her heels like semen.

“Well, what did I tell you?” asked Vitaly, grinning. “Now she is Leather Heather. That sucks name.”

I wanted to punch him in the face to get that nasty grin off his face.

“And by the way…” Vitaly added, suddenly becoming serious. “This is a sexy chat.”

I had no idea what I was doing and why. There was a single image in front of my eyes. She holds out the put aside little finger, as she did before in her videos, and gently whispers to me, “Never again, my dear… never again…”

Entrance, my door, I thrust the keys into the keyhole sharply and angrily, tore the door at myself. The hallway was dark, but a bluish light was pouring from our bedroom. Another moment and I see this damn Leather Heather in reality. She froze in horror, not taking out the dildo. She sat in front of the camera in almost the same position in which I saw her in the bar. Heels on display for hundreds of thousands of jerkers, skin covered with beads of sweat, nipples sticking out from arousal, a black dildo between his legs, and a mixture of fright and arousal in his eyes under a leather mask. One of her hand squeezes an artificial member; the other turned her palm towards me, as if in an attempt to defend herself. And this set aside little finger. The little deceitful little finger that I so want to break. Bitch! Scum! You promised!

What did you think, the damn jerk? I’ll leave it that way. Now you know what my sex life is! I showed the camera my middle finger and turned off the broadcast.

Meanwhile, she was sitting at my feet, pressed against them, as if asking for protection. I lifted her by the chin, with a sharp movement tore off the mask. In front of me is again a Varya, only smeared mascara on my face and my sperm flowing from my eyes instead of tears.

“You promised…” I said. “Never again…”

“I’m sorry”, she replied. “But this is stronger than me…”

“Do you like… like this… in front of the camera?”

“Yes… I love to live many lives. Each orgasm is… like a separate story. Understand?”

I shook my head.

“Go, wash”, I said. “And then dry the chair normally. This is my fucking favorite chair. I like to play “Tanks” sitting in it. What the fuck?”

“Yes, master!” Varya responded quietly. Damn, how can you get mad at her? I opened the closet and pulled out the collar.

“You will go on all fours to the bath and in this…”

She knelt in front of me and clasped her hands in fists like a dog’s or cat’s paws.

“Good girl!”

roulette sexy chat
roulette sexy chat

My phone buzzed again.

“When is the next sex chat?” Vitaly asked me.

“Tomorrow evening”, I wrote to him in response, feeling how the fallen penis was again filled with strength.

“You’ve a great body, have you thought about maybe roulette camming perhaps?”

“Camming? Really? Do you mean like a webcam show? I mean, no I haven’t thought about it at all,” I told her.

“I don’t tell many people this, but I do so now and again. If you can get people watching, it can be quite lucrative,” she replied.

“What kind of things do you do to earn money on there?” I asked inquisitively.

“Probably less than you do in real life by the sounds of it!” she laughed.

We had a quick chat before the others starting coming back to us, so I told her I’d think about it, and she said she would bring her laptop and cameras to my apartment on Saturday, and I could watch her do a show to see what was involved. I agreed quickly.

I couldn’t wait for Saturday to arrive, Izzy had told me that she’d need two to three hours for a decent show, and to show me a few pointers. She said she’d start her show at around 8 pm and she turned up at 7 pm. I expected her to have a lot of gear with her, instead, it was just a holdall and a laptop bag, and a separate bag for her cameras.

“People will spend extra tokens if you use these,” she explained, “Don’t start your show using these straight away.”

She stripped down in front of me almost like I wasn’t there. She had a very similar body to mine, but her long red hair complimented her pale skin and rosy pink nipples. She selected a sheer white Teddie and a see-through white g-string, put them on and logged onto the website.

Just before she went live she looked at me and asked if I knew John who was doing a computer science course at Uni with us. I said I thought so but was unsure.

“I fucked him before so that he’d set up this cool system,” she grinned, “I don’t have to type to answer any questions, I can speak and it puts it on screen for me so I don’t have to keep stopping to type.”

I didn’t realise what she meant until she started her broadcast. It did seem easier, considering how many questions she was asked. I sat and took notes, as much as I could while staring at her body, and how she twisted and turned to satisfy her baying audience. A little over an hour into her show, she had just over 100 people viewing. She’d already inserted a buttplug that she’d beckoned me to pass her when she squealed.

“Yay, well done team, we’ve hit the progress bar for dildo time, only another 500 tokens to see me come with it,” she said, her words displaying on the screen.

She pointed towards the holdall where I picked out three different dildos. She pointed one out, an eight-inch thick lifelike dildo, and asked me to bring it over. I walked over and handed it to her.

“Who’s that? She’s my friend. She’s watching my show as she’s thinking of camming herself,” she said, answering a chat message.

I read the screen, someone had asked who I was as I was good-looking. I went to sit down again, when Izzy squealed again, looking in my direction.

“She is a little overdressed, yes, but she’s not camming yet. but I’ll ask her if you’re serious?”

We living proof that among the penis pics and guys dancing, real love can indeed be found on roulette sexy chat!